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I enjoyed John Forsyth'S "Most fun/worst stage in I.D.P.A." With season comming
such a post could yeild some ideas for match directors in I.P.S.C./U.S.P.S.A.
Whats your story?
I'll get it started.
One of my favorites was a stage where you were seated at a card table,handcuffed with hands in front of you and a heavy pillow case over your head. On the table was a briefcase containing your EMPTY pistol and enough loaded mags to complete the stage and a wiffle ball bat.
In front of the table with in reach of the W.B. bat was a weighted life size dummy guarding you in a scary mask.
At the sound of the timer you assumed the guard was distracted, pulled the pillow case from your head, smacked the guard over with the W.B.bat, retrieved the briefcase and took cover under the table where you load your pistol and engage the targets including paper and steel out to 50 yards, make reloads,etc.
It was fun and not all that much of a problem.Everyone was reminded that safety came first and no one displayed any unsafe gun handling.
It was a concern due to the hand cuffs and the added stress of the pillow case.
The dummy could be a problem too. If you did not get him with enough effort he would fall into the path of fire but there was room to deal with that also but it slowed a person down. After a while it was determined by the shooters that the dummy was better off out of the way and several HOME RUNS were hit leaving a clear shooting lane. Also after the pillow case was placed over some shooters head an empty briefcase was placed in front of them. After the mad scramble to get up and running under the table and finding an empty case. Well, it was just plain funny and a good time.(suggest you limit this to people you know well)
R.O.'s always need to keep a close eye on things,God bless them, This is the kind of stage that requires a little more care on their part due to the unfamiliar nature of shooting/reloading in cuffs and a little extra level of stress. Shoot, most of these guys get stressed by 50yd. steel(no disrespect meant) It was a hoot and after some grumbling and a lot of nervous smiles I think every one enjoyed it.
As for as a worst stage? I can't think of anything off hand. Let me give this some thought and I will post later.
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