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Originally posted by airborne420:
1 hour you say!? Easy! Get in the room with the least amount of entrie's, in this case the luandr5y room. Reienforce the window and the sheetrock with sandbags. Wait quietly, when confronted raise hell! Only one way in tus they can't use their #'s and by the time they think they have a plan the calvary has arraived!
Much as i also like the thought of holein' up in one room then just blasting them as they walk through the door in single file, i think we all know this is the surest way to fail.

I am the leader of the 50+ guys, shotguns and pistols throughout eh? Ohwell, once we've breached the perimeter with no resistance and determined that Airborne420's family are all in one room, one entrance - i send a few guys in to storm the room, blind firing - hey, maybe they die! Rethink; plan a) 10 men outside wall, up to window of laundry room. 10 men go through to garage or shower in master bathroom - open up simultaneously with everything they've got - be it .45 or 12 ga slugs, you are going to have enough penetration through plasterboard/wooden walls (especially the internal wall) to turn that laundry room red, minimal risk to my own men too. Sandbags or not, once a few luckies get through, (maybe hit the children or your wife?) you are not going to be in the best condition to tackle a proper frontal storm of the room, if that's what it resorts to in the end. Hey, i've got an even better idea!
Plan b) Longguns on point to cover door and window exits from room, throw in the petrol (which you'd stockpiled in the garage according to the scenario briefing) and match! You've got a choice of how you die this time!

You're just backing into a corner, i could be finished in ten minutes, let alone an hour and i wouldnt need anything like 50 men to do it with. Think again 420.

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