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Originally posted by LAK:
"It is long after the fall out and the mobs are starting to rampage and take everything that they can use"

Gosh - sounds like a communist/socialist utopia! Except that there are some stubborn folk that are prepared and equipped to resist that is.
Long after the fall out has what? Circled the earth for decades in the jetstream?
Along with the nuclear winter effects?
Maybe if you are deep inside Cheyenne Mountain you could survive. As long as you didnt take a direct hit. Or you are so deep into the Canadian wilderness or the Australian outback, that danger from burned and dying gangs is non-existant. But wait, you still have that pesky radioactive rain and nuclear winter to deal with. So, I'd rather waste my planning on the possible that could happen than on "Mad Max" scenarios. I'll leave those to Hollywood.
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