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I've installed two of them in IPSC limited style SVI's. I can't tell you that they are any more accurate than any other quality match grade barrel or that they are prone to leading (since both customers use jacketed bullets). What I can tell you is that they are the smoothest feeding barrels that I've ever used (talking ramped bull barrels). I've used a good many Schuemann barrels and they don't appear to have the smoothest interior finish compared to Kart, Bar-Sto, et al. They are accurate barrels, just the same.
The other thing about the AET barrels that is a little disconcerting is not being able to ream the chamber for headspace or throat the rifling for long loaded .40 S$W ammo due to the fluting in the chamber. The fluting does not appear to have any effect on case life. All in all, both customers are happy with theirs, but mostly from the smooth feeding characteristics.
John Harrison
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