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Sear and disconnect reassembly

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I detail stripped my sistema to install new springs and to clean it good. Now I cannot get the S&D installed back correctly. I have stripped it and reassembled it 7-8 times. The sear keeps hanging up on the half cock notch. I have Kuhnhausen's book and the NRA publication that shows the disassembly og the gun. I simply can not get it right. If anybody can offer any help, please do. tia
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Hmmm, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "hanging up." When you dry-fire, the hammer falls to half cock only? Or when you cock the gun, you can't get the hammer past half cock?
The hammer falls only to H/C. Cocking the gun is no problem but when I pull the trigger the hammer falls to H/C only.

Here's a good link to disassembly.

It sounds like your sear spring is not adjusted properly. Specifically, the left hand leaf may be putting too much pressure on the sear.
Are you sure the left leaf, the one with the hook on the end, is on top of the sear foot and not trapped beneath it?
When I first detail-stripped a 1911, I got it all right except for what Bob Brown Suggested: The bend in the left spring leaf was trapped.
Piece of cake, Dude! Put the sear and disc. in the gun and pin it. Install the hammer and pin it. Lay the sear spring on these parts and capture it with the mainspring housing. Slowly slide the mainspring housing up and capture the hammer strut and bring the hammer back to full cock. Insert the grip safety and pin it with the thumb safety and pull the trigger letting it fall all the way down. Pin the mainspring housing. Shoot the gun but load only one in the mag. Then two. Then 7. The trick is to make sure that all THREE FINGERS of that spring are on top of something. Not UNDER something. The right finger is waving in the breeze waiting for the grip safety, of course. The middle finger is on the disc. slope, and the left finger is on the sear. Hope this helps.
Thanks to everyone who responded
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