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I would just like to shed my ignorance on this topic, and hear any tips on improved performance, smoothness...perhaps fine tuning shape of the sear...is polishing benificial? Fitting and common mistakes? --HD
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Accuracy step one is thighter bushing.
Reliability step one is a quality magazine cept clean. Doing anything to the trigger group comes later.
I'd lke to know too.I've read aliitle bit of grease(not sure what kind)on the sear can help?.................anyone?
Byron, I have used Tetra Lube on all contact points within the pistol, including the sear/hammer/disconnector group. Works great for me. Another great long-lasting lube is good old Lubriplate white lithium grease. You can buy a small tub of it from any Ace Hardware, and it will last you a lifetime. Use it sparingly. I also like to put some on the slide rails before reassembly. This gets cleaned off during each cleaning, with the innards being cleaned less frequently. Brownell's Action Magic is another really good product. Find it at:

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Yes polishing will help to a degree if done right.If done wrong you can have a dangerous gun in your hand.If you need trigger work because the pull is attrocious,don't dig in there if you don't know what exactly to do,let a smith do it until you learn.I think 1911.org and the Sight have articles along with many Smiths.I put an explanation on Pvt.Ryan's forum,but there is alot of basic and related info not included to keep it somewhat short.While it doesn't explain any functioning of parts,you might pick up some info from it.There are pics of areas to polish for different parts.
I use grease for two things: trigger bow, and a small amount of GI grease on rails/slide. Incidently, since I brought it up, I dont think the trigger bow has much to do with trigger pull, only the take up. The smoothness of that aspect is purly phychological to my way of thinking.
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