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Series 70 9mm Questions??

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Hello everyone. I was just recently "browsing" at my local gunstore when I noticed a peculiar looking 70 series colt. It turned out to be a Mark IV Series 70 9mm. I have never seen one of these before and was really interested in it. If I wasn't waiting for my Series 70 Gold Cup which I just finished paying for the 9mm would be in front of me right now (buy first and ask questions later). I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any info on this model. It was a beautiful "shooter" about 90% blued and the shop was asking $600.0 and change. Is this reasonable? Thanks for all of your help.
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$600.00 really sounds good too me. I`ve seen a few on the auction sites at $900.00. Don`t know how many 9mm`s were made, but I`ve got mine and really like it...
I think the S70 in 9mm for $600 at 90% is a fair deal worth hagling on.
Agree with Redzone, and they are a ball to shoot.
Where did you say that gunshop was located?
The Gun Shop is located in the lovely state of New Jersey. It does sound like a good deal so I think I will have to dig up the money and get it. Even though that probably means not eating for a few months but its worth it. Maybe I can convince my wife that it will be the perfect gun for her!! Hopefully she will buy it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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