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Series 70 Combat Commander

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I just saw a series 70 Combat Commander in a shop.


It has some holster wear,,,no big deal.

Bore looks, pretty good. Some nicks and scrathces here and there on the frame. One pronounced typical newbie error,,,,a scratch from the slide stop all the way down to the trigger in a nice concentric circular patterm.

The finish was blued,,,the slide was (pardon me I'm not an expert) a glossy blue almost like the steel was polished. The thumb safety was kind of like a mil-spec one.

The sites were fixed,,,wasn't paying a heck of a lot of attention, but they reminded me of the Novak's on my Springfield.

I think it has had some trigger work done,,,the trigger was solid aluminum adjustable that looked like it had been locktite'd in place. The trigger was nice, crisp and pretty light I'd guess about 4 pounds or so.

The frame appeared untouched, but it looks like the barrel was throated.


I'm a little concerned with the work that appears to have been done to it. The shop guarantees functionality,,,,I'll need more details on their "guarantee".

If I did get it, I would likely have to sell or trade my Springfield V10 Ultra Compact. I like the Springfiled, but I've been wanting to get a Colt for some time.

Thoughts? I'll do some searching on some other threads,,,,,how does the price sound in your nexk of the woods?

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With the modifications it sounds a little high even for Northern VA.


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I would agree with Simian on this. My first Series 70 Combat Commander was in Nickel Satin with Bomar adjustable sights, lowered and flared ejection port, beveled mag well, and Smith & Alexander Beavertail safety and I picked it up for $625.00. I would rate that gun at about 90%. Keep in mind that the Nickel Satin demands a better price than a blued model as well. My second Series 70 Combat Commander I picked up for $399.00. It was about 88% and was all original except for the flat mainspring houseing and beavertail safety. Now, that was an extremely good deal on the second one and I wouldn't expect to pick up another one for that price. Sounds like the gun you are looking at should bring a price of about $550.00 at the max, but that depends on how bad they want to sell it and how much you want it. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in that series of gun though. Both of mine are extremely tight after a little work and would put both of them up against just about any custom gun out there. It's a very good platform to work well.
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I kind of thought it may be a little high,,,,in looking around online, I was finding them advertised a bit cheaper. I've got another local dealer I've bought 4 guns from in the last few months,,,,,they are in the process or relocating, and once they open back up, I think I'll talk to them about a Colt. I like my Springfield, but I'm really hankering for a Colt.

Yeah, that sounds a little high, esp. for one that's been touched. I'd hunt for one LNIB for $450 or so, which is what I paid two years ago. Good luck.
I paid that for a NIB 70 Combat Commander about 3 months ago. It had all papers, hang tag, and was a prime example that was finished/blued very well (no wavy flats etc.)

You can find near new in the 500 to 600 range but you have to be quick!

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