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series 70 front sight

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Almost finished my 70 series Satin Commander. I have tried twice to stake on the front sight and both times it has come loose. If the slide were blued or ss I would have the front sight dovetailed no problem, but with the satin finish I can't. Should I try the Millett dual crimp or are there other options???
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Hello KITT,
I don't care much for the dual crimp front sight. All of them I've seen were loose. If you have the 70 series you are probaly using a front sight with a narrow tenon. You might try opening up the hole in your slide for a wide tenon front sight like the 80 series guns have. You may find them a little easier to stake and it may hold a little better when you are finished. Make sure you give yourself a good bevel on the inside of the slide around the hole so when you stake the sight the metal has some where to go.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
Good advise from Bob Hunter. I have never had a staked on front sight leave and I think it would be a bad mistake to do a dual crimp doulble hole in that beautiful slide. Here's how I do it. Make a bevel inside the slide hole to create a place for the stem to squish into.Use the .055 tenon sight and clean the area with acetone. Fill the hole with GREEN LOCTITE sleeve retainer. Stake it in with a MMC sight staking tool. If you don't have this tool, find a smith who does and have he or she do it for you. I like Georges MGW front sights and a Big stock rear Colt sight for Commanders. I view them as carry guns even though alot of the forum people don't. If you can't find a smith to do this for you, mail it to me and I'll stake it on. You can send the slide through the US Mail and send $10.00 for the return shipping. [email protected] will get you in touch with me.It will never leave you again
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I will give it one more try....and then I'm going to weld it on
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