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Series 70 please help

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If I would have the ejection port lowered..does that require a reblue of the slide or can it be cut down without a reblue.

I do not wish to have the slide reblued as it is mint.

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Gentlemen: When the 1911 was first proposed, the Army dictated a change in the design of the ejection port. Mr. Browning did not design it at the height you see on all old military pieces. Originally it was much lower, to permit a more horizontal exit and trajectory. The Army decided that it was not nice to be in a foxhole, firing at an approaching enemy when your buddy was peppering you with hot .45 brass...it burns! So, the ejection port was raised to give a more straight-up path for that brass to exit. Therefore, if you want the brass to get out without banging into anything, you need to lower the port to at most .450 height, and also round off that sharp corner at the top rear of the port. Frankly, I never did believe that bit about the "Gold Cup Flare" helping the case "roll out"...it just doesn't compute. Oh, I believe Les Baer is lowering his ports to about .430, but I personally wouldn't like to go quite that skinny on a ball gun.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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