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One thing many often overlook, or fail to understand is that "Series 70" refers to a model with features that were different from the orignal design, or earlier GI/Commercial versions of the 1911A1.

These included a different Bushing, as well as differences in the Sear/Hammer hooks. While Series 70 is a term many use to describe Non Firing Pin safety models (Pre Series 80's), it's not entirely correct.

As for what is and is not available in the PRK, actually, Series 80 guns are no longer being made either... They are now Series 90's. Colt ended production of the S70's, and S80's guns a while back, although there is virtually no difference between the S80's, and S90's lockwork.

As FirearmsPlus noted, The new Kimber SII's use the Schwartz design FP safety, that is actuated by the Grip Safety, rather than the Trigger. From what I understand, it work quite nicely, and has no effect on the Trigger feel.

Also, as noted, You can still purchase guns that are not on the approved list through Private Party sales, although it's much harder, and is limited to guns already in the State, no out of state purchased can be transferred into the state, legally...

Another option that IS available is purchasing a Curio & Relic designated 1911... In other words, either a GI or Commercial model that is more than 50 years old. These are exempt from the testing restrictions, and can be purchased through FFL's.

Granted, a 1930's/1940's Colt Commercial in nice shape might cost you some money, but they are fine examples of Colt's best work. There's quite a few old "War" guns that someone may have refinshed, and therefore not likely to have the value collectors are looking for that would make great "Base Guns" for a Custom Buildup. It does limit you with the Non 5" variety though as the Officers were not made then, and only a couple years of Commanders would qualify.

Hope that helps... Enjoy!
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