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Series 80 Combat Commander

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I've acquired a "new" Series 80 .38 Super Combat Commander in SS. So far I have about 200 rounds through it with 3 FTF in the 1st mag. - no feeding (or other) malfunctions since (Win. White box 130 g. FMJ). The gun was from an estate and I don't believe it had had more than one mag full fired through it before being put back in the box and "set back". When I brought it home I detailed striped it and cleaned it. Also polished the trigger stirup and lubricated that area with graphite. It has the "Packmyer(sp?) type wrap around rubber grips.

Bad things - Grip safety - if I have it squoze down to the max, it goes bang, if I have it just a smidgen off, I can feel the trigger "scrunch" past it before it goes bang. If it's more than just a smidgen off being completely down it just won't go. The other problem is the trigger pull weight. Crisp, but HEAVY, somewhere in the 10 pound range.

I've shot 1911's for 30 years or better and this is the first one with which I've had any problems with the grip safety. Is there any way I can "tune" it, or do I need to go with one of the "raised" type grip safties? I don't want to pin (or tape) the safety. I've also just traded out the bulky rubber grips for some standard grips. I'm hoping this will cure the problem - but I won't know until I try it tomorrow.

Trigger weight. The current 10+ pounds is unacceptable. Don't necessarily want to go under 4 to 5, but the current weight plays hobb with accuracy unless you really, really pay attention to what you're doing.


Good things - seems very accurate. I haven't benched it yet, but off hand - if I do my part - it can make a 1/2 gallon milk jug really dance at 25 yards. Sights seem dead on. On it's way to being considered reliable (at least with factory 130 grain ball) and any of the 8 magazines I have for it.

This is my first of the "newer" generation - all of my prior experience has been with the Series 70 or older. Any help, suggestions, advice will be appreciated.

Jim Fox
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