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Series 80 Combat Target Model?

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I purchased one of these new a couple of years ago. I would like to know how long it was in production, how many were made and what the value in good but fired condition? It is dull stainless and has an adjustable rear sight and a normal staked front sight. It came with two shooting star stainless mags which are 8 rounders. thanks
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Lou I'm just guessing here, but I think they were made for two years, I have no idea how many were made. Value is likely to be in the $750 and up range, and I really suspect it more in the upper end. Handgun prices vary quite a bit in different areas of the country. I hope this helps.
It's nice to hear from someone else know knows what they are.....I had a matte finish Combat Target a year ago. (Bought it 3 years ago). Mine was purchased new for 550.00 and I sold it last year for 500.00. It was barely used at all. Nice guns but I was disappointed in mine due to the "sloppy" fit of the frame, trigger, and grip safety. It made tons of racket if you shook it side to side. The adjustable sights were ok but I just hate those d$#@ roll pins that hold it in place. Also with the cuts on the slide (needed for that sight) I couldn't change em out for lower ones.

Ended up selling it. I hope you can do better on yours than I did (your is stainless too) but as for me it only brought 500.00.

I guess if we do that.....maybe we all earn the right to go home.
I believe Ken is right on how many years they were made. I paid $550 for mine, but that was in 1998 if I remember :) I've heard them refered to as a "poor man's Gold Cup". Mine unlike PvtRyan's has a very good fit, doesn't rattle, the finish is matte blue (black) and I've found it to be very accurate.

I bought mine about 98 and payed $550.00 for it too. I love mine and and it shoots 4 leaf clovers all day long. As far as the roll pin Colt beefed up the accro for the CT and used a 3/32 roll pin and not the small 1/8 of the gold cup. Shot this one so much I thick I will refinish her and start over again....ROFI ( I thaink they made this model from 97 to 98)
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