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Series 80 Disassembly

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I've only dealt with series 70 1911's until recently. i don't really understand why series 80 was even conceived.
i have a colt 1991 commander that i removed all the series 80 bits and it is safe and reliable. My opinion. trash the series 80 garbage.
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It might just be me and have no relevence what so ever, but "trashing" the series 80 parts, wouldn't that be deactivating a factory safety? And couldn't that come up either in Civil or Criminal court proceedings? Keeping in mind the burden of proof is much lower in Civil trials?
Thats the reason I own Wilson,Les Baer,Kimber and Spring.Armory.

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Sousana brings up a good point, disabling a factory safety can come back to haunt you in the future.

Is the gun for Self-Defense/Carry, or for just target/range use?

If it is for self-defense only, your liabilities increase 500% over just a range use gun.

If you were ever to have to use it in self-defense whether it is a range gun or a primary defensive weapon, you will be hung out to dry if you have to go to court and have to explain why you disabled the safety. And it will be extremely hard if it's your Carry weapon.

Hope this helps.

Just my 2¢ worth!

But, if you must get rid of those parts, i'll take them off of your hands. That way you don't have to deal with all those EPA rules about throwing that stuff away.
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