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Series 80 vs Series 90 ?

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i havent had the chance to examine a series 90 pistol, so what are the differences between the two ?
are all parts fully interchangable ?
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I believe you mean series 70 vs. series 80?

If so, the series 80 uses some extra parts as part of the firing pin safety. This consists of a plunger that is positioned in the slide back near the hammer end. The plunger "locks" the firing pin in place (preventing accidental discharge if the pistol were dropped, and momentum carried the FP forward against a chambered round). The frame has a couple extra pieces as well. There is a lower series 80 part (trigger bar lever)which is pivoted by the trigger bow moving backwards. This piece then contacts the upper series 80 part (plunger lever) which in turn is pivoted to push up on the plunger in the slide, allowing the FP to move. Go to www.m1911.org and click on "parts diagram". Reference #'s 10, 31 and 52 are the parts in question.

As for interchangeability, you will need a "shim" to put where the plunger lever would go, if you were to delete the series 80 items, in an effort to have the pistol function like a series 70, which did not have those parts. You cannot add series 80 parts to a series 70, unless you drilled the slide to accept the plunger, and milled the frame to accept the plunger lever. All other major components are interchangeable.
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PS - I will be completely embarrassed if there is indeed a series 90

I'm hoping Colt didn't sneak one past me when I was sleeping.
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CRAP !!!

OK, now someone needs to explain to me the differences, too!

When did this happen, and why didn't Colt seek my approval first ?
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You've heard of the Defender, I believe it
is the only series 90.
Originally posted by Redzone:
You've heard of the Defender, I believe it
is the only series 90.
Thanks Redzone - I thought I was losin' my mind for a minute. Felt like Rip Van Winkle waking up - everything had changed. Glad it was only a dream.
Tell me about it, I feel like Chris Elliot or
Joe Torrie the entire time i'm on the 1911 forum. I guess thats why I come back.
So if Colt survives its woes, are we expecting a Series 00?
While the Defender (and, maybe the Pocket 9 or Pony's, I can check at work Monday since we got a couple) is the only current gun to have it, I think the Double Eagles also said Series 90.

Not sure on that last one.
I think it's just a designation for the gun being designed in teh 90's. Nothing major as an advancement. (unless perhaps the Seecamp spring system is a requisite for the 90 series)
Yep on the Double Eagle its a series 90 too. With any luck I will be acquiring another series 90, a LtWt Defender early next week.
so the series 90 is the EXACT same thing as a series 80? but with updated numbers?

the reason i ask is for gunsmithing/ customizing/ spare parts purposes.
can i assume that you can take a series 90 defender and turn it into a series 70 ?

or you could put series 80 parts on your broken series 90? series 80 slide on a series 90 frame or vice versa if ya know what i mean ?
it depends on the gun, all series 90 guns have something different. a Defender will use standard officer's parts for the frame, but the slide, barrel and recoil spring is different.
Otherwise, yeah, you can use parts for it.
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