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Series II Detail Strip

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I just purchased a Gold Match Series II.
I have a Custom Target and routinley detail
strip it for cleaning when needed. Is there
any special tricks or procedures for
Series II guns? I haven't even broken down
the Gold Match for initial cleaning yet.
Thanks for the help.
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I had trouble with my series II pistol the first time I field stripped it.

Couldn't get the slide off at first. Seems the grip safety activates a small rod in the frame next to the sear.

When removing/replacing the slide, make sure you're not squeezing the grip safety and that the little rod is down flush with the frame.

Removing/replacing the firing pin will take a little extra effort due to the firing pin block gizmo.

I just double checked the paperwork that came with my pistol and there's no mention of series II parts or changes.

Did they leave those minor details out of your Operating Manual too?

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