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Has anybody else noticed that CDNN seems to be a little slower shipping guns lately than in the past?

My dealer called in my order for a grade 1 sistema a week ago Friday. He was told yeah we have some we'll get right out to you.
To make a long story short I don't have it after a week now. They used to get guns I ordered out in two to three days. That was when they could ship by ground. Since they have to use "Next Day Air" now and they said they would get it right out, I should have had it no later than past Tuesday.

This it not a flame..I am just wondering if anybody else has ahd this experience lately.

I have lots of toys, I just hate waiting unecessarily for a new one to arrive.

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Sorry to hear about your experience with CDNN. I ordered a Sistema a couple of weeks ago from them using my C&R and it arrived in 2 days. Also, Jerry, I beleive that was his name, was very polite and helpful.

Maybe it is a mixup with the carrier?

Anyway, the Sistema I ordered is breaking in nicely. After a few GOOD cleaning and about 100 rds it is smoothing out very well. The finish on mine was more than I could have expected for a $300 surplus gun and I am quite pleased with it. Good luck with yours!

Have a good one.
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