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Hey Roger sounds like your doing some good things with them ladies shooting . Glad to hear it . Your dept sounds like mine . The Sheriff pays for Road DEputies ammo and all others pay for their own as they are not rquired to carry to and from , which is stupid since they to wear full uniforms . I can see it now the walk into a conv. store and theres a stickup and one of our unarmed old coot dispatchers gets blown away because of being in uniform . Of course having seen their shooting skills it would not make much diffrence . Myself if you see me you can bet that even though you cant see it their is a gun somewhere on my person . Good Luck Buddy and hope you still like your Leather Gear . Keep your powder dry and your topknot intact . Tell the Wife hello for us to.

S.L. Caldwell
Faithful Employee at :
Rafter S Gunleather 417-277-5636
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