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Hi All

I too ship guns, usually 4-6 per day.

Ups "requires" (the ups tax) it be sent next day air. They Also "require" adult signature required. that is an add on of 2.75

So I called Fed ex to come in. they spend an hr here and I asked about 3 day handgun shipment. fine

from here to Ca. ups air is 31.00 fex ex
2 day is 15.00 add it up each way and the customer is a happy guy. Send a gun from the left coast to do an action and insure it for 1k (we do for all guns) and the freight round trip is 76.00, more than the job.

Fed ex called today
Min. 50 hand guns ship PER day
all must be next day air. or they are not interested.

does anyone have plan C ??

geo ><>
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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