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Shok Buff Systems

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I have a Kimber Classic Custom Royal that I have used all kinds of ammo in, from regular target rounds to +p's. The recoil is not bad with any of them, but I would like to know if you guys recommend installing shok buffs. Any pros or cons? Thanks

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There are two very opinionated camps on this. Bottom line is, if your gun will run reliably and consistently with them in, use them. If your gun doesn't, then don't.

Check them frequently for wear, and replace as soon as they are starting to be cut or torn.

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The two views I have on this is the gun was designed to shoot hundreds of thousands of rounds without this "buff thingamaduger" and many guns have indeed done this and still going good.
The other side is if a piece of plastic is receiving the abuse and not the metal...then more power to it.

I would just do what Shane said.
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