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Shok Buff?

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I've bee reading about Shok Buffs (Wilson Combat's in particular) and I was wondering who has one in their Pistol. Specifically, to the TRP Operator crowd... does it even work for our guns? is it beneficial at all?
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I have no experiance with the WC shokbuffs of old. But I think that the "new" WC hold up rather well.

4K rounds on this buff with full power loads:

Test firearm>WC Classic, 900fps to 950 fps 200gr jacketed, 17lb recoil spring,
Got my moneies worth out of that one... :D

To the OP:

I currently do not run a buff in any of my springfields (to include my TRP Op).
Next time I go, I throw one in my operator and see how it runs for you.
Thanks for this one, Buck-Boost! I would definitely appreciate you testing Wilson's Shok Buff in your TRP Op, that would great info for me!!
TRP Operator update:

Test load: 200gr SWC prescision (black coated)
5.0 gr WST
1.240" +-.002"
mixed range brass

I put in a WC shok buff in my operator. Ran 24 rounds (three eight round mags). Two mags from slidestop, one from slingshot (pistol slingshots from slidelock just fine).

One hang up per mag, mid mag, not first round from mag. Ammo has proven previously to be problem free, as in maybe one or two failure to feeds per one thousand rounds. So with out the buff, very reliable for target and match ammo.

This is my primary target and match load which has proven what I consider to be 100% for range and match ammo. It runs 100% in my Wilson classic and TRP Operator. Just to be clear, this is not my defense ammo.

LW McVay: Thanks for the offer! I'll throw it in my Classic and keep track of the round count. I'll get some pics at major mile stones.

PM sent.
Thanks for this! Great Information!!!
Although this information is extremely useful, i also understand that Every 1911 is different. Even from one TRP to the next. so, i ordered a six pack of WC's Shok Buffs to see how they would do for my TRP Operator. i dont want to call this an experiment (i wouldnt want to experiment with anything i trust the protection of my family's or my life with) this will be only for extended range day use... if it works out. i'm all for a little more added protection for my investment during range day. i'll let y'all know how it works out!
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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