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Shok Buff?

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I've bee reading about Shok Buffs (Wilson Combat's in particular) and I was wondering who has one in their Pistol. Specifically, to the TRP Operator crowd... does it even work for our guns? is it beneficial at all?
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I run the CP brand. They are far more durable than the Wilson blue jobs...or at least the old Wilson blues...I have no idea if they have changed the formula.

The CPs hold up very well. Never had one come apart though I assume if you ran it long enough - well over 1K+ rounds, it might come apart. I generally replace mine at the 500 round mark and there is still plenty of life left in them.

Make sure your gun runs with 'em before you do any street carry.
I have no experiance with the WC shokbuffs of old. But I think that the "new" WC hold up rather well.

4K rounds on this buff with full power loads:

Test firearm>WC Classic, 900fps to 950 fps 200gr jacketed, 17lb recoil spring,
Got my moneies worth out of that one... :D

To the OP:

I currently do not run a buff in any of my springfields (to include my TRP Op).
Next time I go, I throw one in my operator and see how it runs for you.
Great idea on the pic! You should try the CP. I'll try and post a pic of one of mine next time I change it out.
i dont want to call this an experiment (i wouldnt want to experiment with anything i trust the protection of my family's or my life with) this will be only for extended range day use... if it works out. i'm all for a little more added protection for my investment during range day. i'll let y'all know how it works out!
No one I know recommends the buffs be used on the street. They are a range/practice item. When your range sessions run up the round count into the hundreds and you do this day in and day out, the buffs pay for themselves. But the buffs don't need to be there for street carry. Just one less thing to be troubled with.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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