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Shok-Buffs 1st Malfunction Gold Cup ?

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While finishing my string yesterday I had my First Malfunction with my Gold Cup National Match, The Wilson Shok-Buff got smashed out till it bound the pistol up & I had to strip it to get the slide to rack, The Blue Buffer had just slightly been smashed out but was enough to lock the Gun up Tight..
I removed the buffer & had it back in the game in a few minutes..
I am now cleaning the pistol up & thought about putting another in it..
BTW I had around a 1000 230gr Hard Ball on that Buffer..
Should I leave the Buffers out or continue to use them & change them out every thousand or so rounds?
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The only buffs you should be using is CP Buffs, the most durable on the market. The Wilson blue buffs are not very durable as you can see.
Yes same interval, you must stay on top of your maintenance. They are suppose to be superior in the durability field, Larry Vickers recommends the CP Buffs over others, he has used them all and has the experience to back it up. When he was an Operator with a little group called Delta Force, he would see a million rounds of 45acp go through his teams guns. He trained the team on the use of 1911's and was building them, use his experience, he knows what works under extreme use. Check out this link in the training talk and events section, buffs are mentioned, hope this helps you.
(1911 operators course AAR)...http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=174213
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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