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Shok-Buffs 1st Malfunction Gold Cup ?

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While finishing my string yesterday I had my First Malfunction with my Gold Cup National Match, The Wilson Shok-Buff got smashed out till it bound the pistol up & I had to strip it to get the slide to rack, The Blue Buffer had just slightly been smashed out but was enough to lock the Gun up Tight..
I removed the buffer & had it back in the game in a few minutes..
I am now cleaning the pistol up & thought about putting another in it..
BTW I had around a 1000 230gr Hard Ball on that Buffer..
Should I leave the Buffers out or continue to use them & change them out every thousand or so rounds?
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Seriously, though, it seems to me, that if one follows Wolff Springs' guidelines regarding selecting recoil spring strength (based on case ejection distance), then frame battering would be appropriately mitigated without any kind of synthethic buffer.
Recoil spring, main spring and FP stop plate changes can all reduce battering. I tend to do the "quick and dirty" recoil spring mods, myself.

One does need to be aware of the possibility of reverse battering with stronger recoil springs. There are limits you do not want to exceed.

KISS is my major bias against buffers. If you keep fresh replacements in stock, keep a close eye on wear and know your pistol tolerates them well? Then, I am not going to get too uppity about it.

I have used buffs for hundreds of thousands of rounds with no problems. They do reduce slide to frame impact and can prevent the crack that appears at the junction of the dust cover and the frame in pistols that are shot a lot. My experience has been that a pistol that eats a well made buff prematurely (the buffs in my IPSC Para P-16s go over 3000 rounds with no damage) has problems. The buff is also a freat diagnostic tool.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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