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Shok-Buffs: necessary?

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Thinking of picking up a NIB Colt 1991. Is a shock buffer a good idea in terms of contributing to the longevity of the firearm? Or do they disintegrate and contribute to malfunctions? Thanks
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I have never had an issue with any 5" gun running the Wildons. Many 1000 rounds. Not 1.
I do believe that they do soften the felt recoil by a slight amount.
I run them on all my 5" guns, except 10mm's which retain the factory spring/rod configuration AND my SD guns. If I carry it does not have one, when I shoot it at the range it does..
like other's above, I have them in some of my 45 caliber 1911's, but my carry is a DW ECO, so no buffer in it, it is too short anyway for a buffer. If a target/fun gun runs fine with a buffer, no reason not to use it if a person believes it may reduce metal to metal wear and tear. A malfunction in a target gun is no issue. In a carry pistol, a big, big problem. Your choice.

I have the factory FLGR in my TRP.

All the best...
John Browning didn't see the need for a Shok Buff. I had an early 70's Lightweight Commander that had thousands of rounds through it, no Shok Buff and no problems. Proper springs are much more important.
I tried one in my 38 Super; not much success, even after I hand thinned it. Now that I am back into shooting, I wouldn't mind trying it out again; just to see.
I've used them in full sized guns and they last awhile but my Commander chews them to pieces, I won't use them in a defensive gun anymore.
I use them on my CQB and have done so for thousands of rounds. Just change them out when they start showing wear. Never had a problem with them and that is the way I received it from WC.
So are people breaking their frames or something? Is that why they think they need a shock-buffer? I guess I haven't seen any 1911 frames break. I must be doing it wrong.
IF you are going to run a shock buff... this is the type to use.


Not those crap blue Wilson Combat ones. I've ran CP buffers for well over 10k rounds, they don't fall apart.

My two cents on the topic... there is not "gimmick" behind them, they decease the impact force on a frame, but doesn't really matter??... I think if your gun is properly sprung... I don't think they are of any use. However, if you are running light springs, like a lot of guys do in sports like USPSA... then I believe there is some benefit to them.

My sample size is really small... but my STI Edge which is pushing 100k on the frame has significantly less batter on the frame where the guide rod sits vs. my Springfield Loaded which has 1/3 the rounds. I, and the previous owner have always ran shock buffs in the Edge... don't run a shock buff in the Springfield. Both guns shoot 40sw, 180gr at around 940fps with 10 to 12lb recoil springs.

But I run the shock buff in the Edge because the gun is absolutely flawless with one, always has been for me, and the previous owner so I see no need to change what works, slide stop is disabled on that gun anyways so I don't need to be able to sling shot it out of slide lock.

Depending on the gun, you are correct, you will not be able to sling shot the gun.
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Thanks for the information and the link. You are right about the Wilson brand, those are the ones I tried unsuccessfully. I will give these a try.
So are people breaking their frames or something? Is that why they think they need a shock-buffer? I guess I haven't seen any 1911 frames break. I must be doing it wrong.
I'm not worried about my frames, but my ex bull riding and boxing wrists appreciate a shok-buff.:bawling:
Shok-buffs are not recommended anyway I see them for anything other than full size...yes some people can make them works, just saying your are not really supposed to use them there, but that's up to you. I think you can make it work and you like than sure.

And as far as running them in whatever gun, you are supposed to replace them around 1,000 rounds.... so personally I prefer to do so around 700, early before they go to hell in the gun. Or even earlier if its your carry gun perhaps with every cleaning than, for the price of them it should not really be a big deal to get rid of them early on before they where out in a carry gun.
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