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shok buffs...

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I noticed in the review of the Patriot that a shok buff was used. Being unfamiliar with these, could someone be kind enough to take me to school on the subject. Exactly how are they installed in a 1911.

Thanks Gents
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The Shok Buffs are a nylon or other material wafer that is slipped on the recoil spring guide and then the recoil spring is placed on the guide. During recoil, the wafer cushions the frame from being battered by the slide.

Will the new Razorback have a buffer?

How often should it be replaced?

Buffer on the RZ

Yes the RZ will come with a shok-buff installed.
Don't know how many rounds it will absorb. Just check it closely every time you field strip your pistol and replace it when it starts to look squashed or tattered.

Also,the buffs are great for the range but if you are going to carry your RZ,lose the buff.
Lose the buffer for carry? Why?
As I said before I am fairly new to 1911's so I'll give an answer on limmited info and first hand accounts. I will be removing any shock buffer on my future 1911's since I have seen with my own eyes a buffer break inside a gun and and lock it up completely were the gun would not funnction. This my be a reason. As I said new but this is my reason. I'll let the long time 1911'ers give there reasons now that I put my two cents in.
I agree on losing the buff for carry.

Although I have never seen anything happen because of a broken shok-buf, in a carry weapon thats just one less thing to worry about.

Also in a carry 1911 I replace the full length guide rod with the original JMB short rod and full plug. Again, one less thing to worry about. As close as possible to the way God and JMB intended it to work :)

Heck, I even carry ball ammo, but that discussion is always a firestorm, so I will steer clear of that one for now.
Not me...

The answer, IMO, is to use high-quality shock-buffs, and not those cheapo blue, red, or black rubber washers, which often masquerade as buffs. Those things are time-bombs, and will, indeed, self-destruct in rapid fashion. As such, they have no place on a weapon. CP tuff-buffs, on the other hand, are just that, and will usually last 500-1500 rounds, depending upon the gun. I try to maintain my guns religiously, and pay good attention to the condition of the buff. As such, I always carry the same way as I practice...with a CP buff. Just my $.02.
I'll go with you there..

If you are gonna use bufs, use CP.

Those blue ones are so soft, they are totally worthless. Especially in 10mm. If you get 300 rounds out of one you are very very lucky.
CP Buffs? What does CP stand for? Not every one understands all the abbreviations. ;)

It seems to be a thing here on 1911forums. I think I have only figured out 40% of them. That and I'm spoiled by the Snipers Hide where people post links when recommending a part. Saves a lot of "Where can I get it" posts.

Maybe there is a glossary of abbreviations here and I have not read it. ;)

Sorry for the new guy questions.
CP Buffs

CP doesnt stand for anything.

The Shok Buffs we are talking about are manufactured by
CP Bullet company.

So its the same as saying Wilson Shok Buffs

CP Link at Brownells
Thank you kind sir.

Live and learn.... The day I stop learning is the day I stop living. Or something like that.
anyone tried buffer tech? just wonderin if they held up as well as the cp ones?
makin your own sounds like a pretty good idea too.....are they easy to make? any special tools? trouble locating polyurethene?

ahh, i gotcha......thanks Bren

guess I will just order some from the company yall suggested, they arent that expensive
CP buffs are CHEAP from Brownells. Buy a bunch and keep 'em in your range bag or cleaning kit. Spend your time shooting, not carving plastic! :D Regarding the other buffers being mentioned, I have no first-hand experience, but I'll tell ya, when cheap and simple (read: CP Buffs) works, I'll choose it every time! ;)
My smith gives me a handful everytime I get something worked on. I'm always having triggers reworked on revolvers or something. He knows how much I feed my Delta, so gives me a few for being a regular.

So, FREE works really good hah hah.

And, since they are free, I dang sure haven't tried any other brand :)
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