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shok buffs...

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I noticed in the review of the Patriot that a shok buff was used. Being unfamiliar with these, could someone be kind enough to take me to school on the subject. Exactly how are they installed in a 1911.

Thanks Gents
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I agree on losing the buff for carry.

Although I have never seen anything happen because of a broken shok-buf, in a carry weapon thats just one less thing to worry about.

Also in a carry 1911 I replace the full length guide rod with the original JMB short rod and full plug. Again, one less thing to worry about. As close as possible to the way God and JMB intended it to work :)

Heck, I even carry ball ammo, but that discussion is always a firestorm, so I will steer clear of that one for now.
I'll go with you there..

If you are gonna use bufs, use CP.

Those blue ones are so soft, they are totally worthless. Especially in 10mm. If you get 300 rounds out of one you are very very lucky.
CP Buffs

CP doesnt stand for anything.

The Shok Buffs we are talking about are manufactured by
CP Bullet company.

So its the same as saying Wilson Shok Buffs

CP Link at Brownells
My smith gives me a handful everytime I get something worked on. I'm always having triggers reworked on revolvers or something. He knows how much I feed my Delta, so gives me a few for being a regular.

So, FREE works really good hah hah.

And, since they are free, I dang sure haven't tried any other brand :)
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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