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Shoot my P-12 for the first time

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Went to the range yesterday and shoot my P12 ltd for the very first time (also a Para for the first time). The first 50rds were functioning OK but the groupigs were terrible (I think which was a 4 inches grouping from 20 ft., may be I was not get used to the trigger and the black on black sight in a indoor range. Since I can do a lot better with my Kimbers). The next 100 rds were a lot better. But the last 50 rds, I had at least 8 times that the empty cartridges could be ejected. Does anyone have the same problem when shooting a new Para? Also, I felt the mag. moving (better describe as vibrating) during feeding in new ammo evertime after fired. It really not a big problem, but it made me feel that the gun is not tight. Any idea to fix this problem? Any suggestion for a good night sight? Thanks.

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My P14 was pretty reliable out of the box, I had just a couple FTE's but after a few boxes that has worked out. I didn't care for the trigger on mine at all, but I've got that remedied,,,,actually, it will be a thread in the gunsmithing forum shortly. I'm itchin' to get to the range with it and try it out now that I've gotten rid of the mush,,,,a couple pounds of pull weight,,,,and a bunch of overtravel.

I bought my Para to be my IPSC gun, so going into it, I fully planned on working on it or having it worked on.

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