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Went to the range yesterday and shoot my P12 ltd for the very first time (also a Para for the first time). The first 50rds were functioning OK but the groupigs were terrible (I think which was a 4 inches grouping from 20 ft., may be I was not get used to the trigger and the black on black sight in a indoor range. Since I can do a lot better with my Kimbers). The next 100 rds were a lot better. But the last 50 rds, I had at least 8 times that the empty cartridges could be ejected. Does anyone have the same problem when shooting a new Para? Also, I felt the mag. moving (better describe as vibrating) during feeding in new ammo evertime after fired. It really not a big problem, but it made me feel that the gun is not tight. Any idea to fix this problem? Any suggestion for a good night sight? Thanks.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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