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Shooting the 38 Casull

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Had a chance to shoot the new 38 Casull at Montrose. Dick Casull sent his A-#1 man, Herb Hazen with 2 guns and a ton of ammo. An optional event was set up at the option range and for $5.00 you got to shoot 8 rounds at targets set at 25,50,75, and 100 yds. Talk about a smokin' hot load. All you have to do is hold dead on and the target's yours. Would you belive 124 gr. bullet at 1800 fps? By the amount of brass left on the ground at the end of the day, I think everyone there must of shot it several times ( I know I did).

Here is Herb holding the two guns he brought. If all of the guns are like the ones here, Anyone would be thrilled to own one. These had 1 lb. triggers and were tight as a tick. These guns will also double as tree trimmers when all else fails, right, Herb?

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As much as I don't need one, how come I can't stop thinking about owning one?
I can't think of a use for one either, but lordy is it a hoot to shoot. I would like to put one of my compensators on one just to see what it's like. The 6" slide and barrel do a lot to tame recoil but just the same, you know how gun tinker's are. Buy the best, then change it.

KEEP SHOOTIN' PINMAN www.bcarmory.com

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I tested the Casull for my book, and it delivers what the ammo specs say, 124's at 1825 fps. Needless to say, it was immediately banned in full-power mode in our matches, as it would ding the hell out of our steel.

The empties went almost as far as the bullets, being tossed 25-30 feet back.
224 power factor.....goodbye neighborhood dogs!! Hahahahahahahaha
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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