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Shooting Times story on all currently made 1911's (no Colt)

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I just finished an article in the lastest Shooting Times by Dick Metcalf on all the popular 1911 handguns being made today. I was suprised to see Colt was omited from the list of current manufacturers. It's easy to see how the rumors get started about Colt not making guns anymore with this kind of "journalism" by a popular gun writer. Too bad for Colt, cause we all know Colt is still in the gun making business, just not makin alot of them these days.........Mike
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I agree that Colt should not have been omitted from the article. I have not seen it but may get a chance to do some reading soon. Colt is still very much alive in the 1911 market.
Haven't read the article but sometimes even gun journalists drive me nuts. How about a little research and effort. SOME of them are getting as bad (or maybe it's as lazy) as the mainstream media!!
Colt must not have paid there advertisement fee in time.

Really, dont put much into those "all inclusive" mags. Dollars drive all mags.

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If you read the article, it specifically says "Now we'll cover all makers except Colt"

Why they felt Colt didn't warrant their (generally useless) list, I can't say. Could be they figured it's the "default" could be they think it's no longer made. Given that they named the Galen/ AMT, I don't know.
They didn't cover anything very well anyway, so it's no big deal, just a slap in the face of the Colt buyers IMO.
Local gunshop wants $900.oo for new SS colt and his excuse was that colts are out of production. I called a gunshop I regularly go out of town and over the phone he gave me a price of 575 for the same gun.
Some gunwriters are just good writers but dont know anything about the industry, I personally like combat handguns magazine.
The article said "no doubt you're all familiar with the 1911s made by Colt"...

which we're probably not, really, not whatever the latest line-up is.

And we want the new 1911A1!
I think I may write Shooting Times a letter over the .45 article and tell them they're a bunch of monkeys (though I'll use much nicer terms) for making it sound like Colt is out of action. If you look at the blurbs for Springfield and Kimber, Metcalf talks about how both of them together pretty much killed Colt. And, on the inside front cover, is a big full-page ad for ... Springfield! One thing I'll give Metcalf credit for is talking about the Safari Arms .45 pistols, especially the Enforcer. I've fired the Enforcer and it's a neat little gun, and when my friend sells his I'm going to buy it! --Brian
They also mentioned Galen/ AMT. I haven't seen anything from them since they became Galen. ::shrug::

Like I said though, the coverage of each manufacturer was so sparse, they didn't even really cover any models. I guess Colt didn't put up the $ to appear in their...uh.."unbiased" article?
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