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shooting videos

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Looking for a source for ipsc type videos
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I think Matt Burkett is coming out with one, but I don't think it is available yet. Check out www.mattburkett.com
jerry Barnhart has pretty comprehensive set, todd jarrett may be coming out with one too.... do a search at one of the major search engines, or www.uspsa.com probabally has a link to jerry's page.

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Barnhart is the only one out now. Matt and Todd are both working on them. They should be out soon. Matt's was to be out before christmas but he got sick and then delayed for some other stuff. Barnhart's set is a little pricey but supposed to be really good.
I have 3 of Barnhart's videos, the Limited Overview, Live fire practice and dry fire practice. They are pretty good instructional tapes, but like Recon said, a bit pricey.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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