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Shotgun patterning

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What do you need to pattern a shotgun for, and how do you do it?

I have a Benelli 26" semi-auto.

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You pattern a shotgun simply to see where the vast majority of your shot is hitting. In the event you are planning to use one for self defense, with, let's say 00 buck, it's good to know at what range your pattern get's bigger than your target.
How to do it? Go to a range, bring some targets, start off at 25 yards, and work your way back.


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Most clubs that have shotgun facilities also have patterning boards that are basically a steel plate that can be painted between shots.

My wife works in the printing industry and got me a roll of paper I use sometimes. Any big sheet of paper would be useful. IDPA/IPSC targets are really good for buckshot patterning.
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