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Hi, I know this has been covered a lot, but since it's a $300 question, I dont' mind asking again

ANyway I'm in the process of buying a shorty. I have a 26" Super Black Eagle for killing clay, but need a short one for 2-gun matches. The question here I guess is reliability vs. speed. For speed I'm looking at a Benelli M1 Super 90, but I know once I throw a flashlight on it (not necessary for 2-gun matches, but handy to have when the SHTF) it starts to have reliability problems until I find the right ammo for it. For reliability, I guess I'm looking at a Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies 870 but I never used one before. How do you guys like them, and are they worth the money? Will the speed lost in a match be worth the peace of mind gained that it'll feed ANYTHING where as a weighed down Benelli won't?

Is a semi-auto viable as a SHTF gun? I know they're great guns (I love my SBE) but I had problems with light ammunition. Will an M1 Super 90 weighed down with a 6V Surefire and sidesaddle and sling feed Federal tactical buck and slugs?

Jeff More
Irvine, PRC
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