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SHTF: How many times has it happened to you?

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Well, none for me. When assembling my so-called 'SHTF Pack' or 'Bug-Out Bag', I planned for earthquakes and riots--to stay in my residence without utilities (water, electricity, refrigeration). I didn't plan on actually bugging out, because I live in the middle of the city and I have no where to bug out too. I looked back at the last 22 years and forgot about the time my home almost got lit up.

But before I get to that, here's the stuff that could have HTF, how many of you guys had have near SHTF or But-Out situations? Here's mine in chronological order, all in Los Angeles.

1986(?): I was about 7 or so. I think this was the Whittier quake. Nothing even broke in my home. I don't think school even got cancelled that day. No biggie.

1992: The LA riots, a.k.a. Rodney King riots. I live in the fringes of Los Angeles, somewhere between Century City and Santa Monica, for those of you who know the LA area. The riots didn't get as far as my 'hood, thanks to the National Guard. My family was unarmed. The fires and looting looked bad on TV, but I dind't see any of it firsthand. School wasn't cancelled, but not many of us went to school. I did. I don't know why, but I should have stayed home.

1994: The big Northridge quake. I think it ended up being recorded at 7.3. We didn't have to evacuate the house and the only thing that broke was a model submarine I put on top of my computer monitor (duhh!). Didn't bug out of the house, didn't have any emergency supplies. Electricity was out for about 6 hours. I think we had running water the whole time. School was cancelled for a day or two.

And I forgot the year this happened, maybe it was 1988 or something. A building about 3/4 of a mile away was lit up in what I think ended up being an arson fire (wasn't sure, and I dind't really care), but somehow (running off memory here, but that's what I was told) a fireball or something from that building flew 3/4 of a mile and lit up the house two houses from me. Their roof ended up burning down, and my neighbor's got singed a little. Another house in the neighborhood (probably also got hit by a fireball, does this happen during large fires?) was comletely burnt down.

Scary thing was I was NEVER prepared for a single incident. I was born 1979, so all these happened in my childhood. Too stupid to know any better, I guess. Anyone else care to share?

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