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I have seen too many negatives for Kimber on this forum lately. I have a Custom Classic Target. There is a large dimple in the serrations in the left side of the slide over the thumb safety. Also the rear adjustable sight is falling apart. I think that I will have my excellent gunsmith friend (local) fit it with new AO sights and leave the dimple in the serrations. (Better than not having it for an indefinite period of time, huh?). Anyway, I believe my next 1911 will be a Baer or Wilson. Thanks for a great forum!
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BTW, I have also had terrible luck with Chip McCormick magazines, 8 rounders, the shooting stars. Many failures to feed(Mec-gar works flawlessly). Just wondering of others with similar problem. Thanks
I had a problem with a McCormick mag in my Kimber compact. The slide would lock back premature or not at all. After 50-100 rounds the problem went away never to return. My problem now is FTE's. I just bought a 20# spring to see if that is the problem. Based on my other experiences with the custom shop I dread sending it back. I am starting to think thats what they want.
My Custom problems took a month and a half. Luckly my smith felt bad for me and did all the bullseye work I wanted in only a week. And cut me a huge $$ break to boot! Thing is a tack driver now and groups 1 5/16" @ 50 yards from a machine rest. WOW! That is with a Kart barrel and NM bushing though.

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