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After the holidays are over & done with, I'm planning to
buy one of the Sig P238's; I recently saw one at a local
gunshow, the titanium model & to say the least, this little
girl was really, really nice, EXCEPT for ONE THING: the SIGHTS,
those things are just dog-butt UGLY, even though they're
nightsites. Does anyone know if there are any aftermarket
sights being made that might work.
I was just over at Novaks site & noticed they had their
lo-mounts for the Colt 380 Mustangs & the P238 is almost an
exact copy of the Mustang, but I'm kinda wondering if Sig
may've pulled a fast one on us & used a different dovetail.
Oh & just for the record,don't think I'm bashing on Sig by
any means; I just bought their "CCO STYLE" C3 & I'm just
absolutely stoked over this gun; it's the nicest of my 1911'
& I make sure all my guns get shot, no safe queens here.

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I haven’t measured to be positive, but I can just about guarantee that the Sig dovetail is totally different than the original Colt .380 cut… one of the big negatives (in my opinion) of the original Colt .380 was the sights were very hard to get a good sight picture.

I have both the P238 and a Colt Mustang… I really like the Sig much better in overall fit/function.

I’m pretty sure the Novak’s .380 sight is a custom mill installation for lo-profile… if you shoot them and email or give them a call, I’m sure they can get you a solid answer.

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IMHO, the sights on the P238's are one of their best features. Oh well, I guess we don't all "see" things the same way. :)
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