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Parker Dean said:
since that's a "hidden" expense you'll never get a manager to include that in their plans.
Well, I give Colt credit for making the big changes which have gotten them (and us) to this point....where we can have relatively innane conversations about the quantity of bluing salts in our NRM's recoil spring plug.

It finally took something like **EXTINCTION** to get management's attention, but it did get it in the end. The General and his team, incl. people like Mark, are bringing them back from the brink. As a colleague used to say: "Nothing sharpens a man's focus like a hanging at dawn."

This being said, I am surprised that some of their guns are leaving the factory with obvious defects and sloppy workmanship. I'd be curious to know how they do final inspection. 100%? A statistical sample?

I would hope that the guy or gal who puts the thing together before stuffing it in a blue box would eyeball the gun. Too bad for them that they inadvertently ship it to a dealer who, in turn, sells it to a 1911 Forum member! OUCH :eek:
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