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Sight Blank Question

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I found a sight blank to fit my irregular front dovetail cut. Once I fit and regulate it, can I send it off to have a tritium insert added? If yes, who does this and what is the going rate?

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Both IWI and ToolTech can install a vial for you.
The IWI lamps are of inferior quality to the Trijicon units as used by ToolTech, but they are considerably cheaper.
Sorry, I do not have the contact info close at hand.

Thanks Chuck

If you do get info on them please drop me a line. Have used IWI for several years. great service as a rule but as you say not a bright as trij.
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Thanks guys. I did a search and found the address and numbers below. I sent an e-mail asking for pricing. Thanks.

Tooltech Gunsight, Inc.
20 Church St.
Oxford, MI 48371

[email protected]
Phone: (248) 628-1811
FAX: (248) 628-1465
George and Hays,

OK, I dug around in my file cabinent and will provide what info I have.
DISCLAIMER: This info may be at least partially incorrect, dated or both.

IWI/P-T Night Sights/MMC
5050 E. Belknap
Ft. Worth, TX 76117 www.mmcsight.com
At one point I believe IWI and MMC shared the same adress, if this is still true, I do not know.
As of several years ago, they would drill, blue and install tritium vials in your sights at a very reasonable cost.
The downside was I believe in their lensing material, a silicone based rubbery lens, that would yellow over time and greatly reduce the effective brightness.

Trijicon Inc.
49385 Shafer Ave.
Wixom, MI 48393-0059
Attn: Miles
These are the only folks I deal with these days for tritium lamps. Sapphire lens, white-ring option, excellent product.
Trijicon does no drilling or bluing. They will install lamps into your sights which have been prepared to their specs.
Common front and rear dot inserts require a .076" diameter hole X .280" min. depth which must also be vented by means of a thru hole or and intersecting hole of .040" minimum diameter.
Reasonable prices, great service.

Tooltech Gunsight
20 Church St.
P.O. Box 543
Oxford, MI 48371
These folks will drill and blue and install Trijicon lamps into your existing sights,
provided the sights will accomodate a hole of the dimensions described above.
As of a few years ago, they would even 'build up' the thickness of a Bo-Mar sight blade to fit the lamps.
I found this company to be expensive and somewhat difficult to deal with.

The greatest majority of the tritium sights I use these days, are drilled and blued by me, then sent to Trijicon.
This allows me to exactly zero point of aim before drilling. Also allows me to open or deepen rear sight notches, break edges, fabricate odd-ball dovetailed sights, etc. then have the sights blued prior to the lamp installation.

Hope this info is of some use, I'll try to answer any additional questions.

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision

Pick any two.
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Thank you for going the extra mile. I really appreciate your help. I have sent e-mails to ToolTech and Trijicon for quotes. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
I thought I would pass along what I found out. Trijicon responded to my e-mail and referred me to ToolTech. I guess they are not interested in dealing directly with the consumer. Here is an excerpt from the response I received from ToolTech:

"To get a good sized insert installed, we need the front sight to have a . 125 width. The cost is $82.50 + $5.00 if you would like the white outline rings and your front is NOT serrated. The is a + $12.00 ups ground return shipping fee for slide only or $7.50 for just the front sight only. Our turn around time is 2-3 wks."

I was a little surprised that it would cost me $87 to have a single vial installed.

Once again, thanks for everyone's help.
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