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I went to the store with a 1911 Kimber, Essex Arms, Springfield match, Chip mcCormic, gun that I am working on for Night sites. I had Tritium in my hand when the Smith said Try this one. It is a TRUGLO BRITE-SITE, (Day and Night) Cost is about 65% of the tritium and due to Fiber Optics with the tritium they glow at night and in daylight. The dot is small at night and it took some getting used to but with a little practice the front site comes into view with little effort. in day light they are very bright (glare) It was not noticable in the store but out side it is good. At the indoor range (Dim Light) I put 35 of 35 in the red of the ten ring. (10 yards), Good Site. Last time with the old sites I put 50 of 50 in the 10 ring.. but I like the New site and would by another set if needed Still looking for a gun that shoots its self.
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