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Biscut ----------- Yes, she agreed with him that

love was all that matters, as long as he's not like his parents.

Because HE seems to be accepting of HER because, presumably, she's not like HER folks either.

It looks like the kids are just fine despite their parent's opinions of each other's families.

For example , My dad was an alcoholic. That did not matter to my wife because I don't have that problem.

And my wife's mom is a problem gambler. But my wife is not afflicted with that.

So it didn't matter. This is how it should be in all relationships: judge your mate on THEIR qualities. Not on their folks.

But hey, I admit that I may be reading way to much into this 'toon.
But the girl is not saying that. From her statement her love is conditional and that condition is rather clearly stated. And cast a view at the image of the boy...he is made to appear a red neck for one.
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