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Just wondered if everyone realized how closely the two guns features are.

To be honest I never considered the TRS until I listed and printed the features out side by side. I thought the gun might be more puffery than features. I was wrong.

The differences are few:
1)fitted & tuned extractor (SRP) versus Baer tuned extractor (TRS) {is there a difference}
2)Bear Coat (SRP) versus blue finish (TRS)
3)Baer dovetail ramp front sight (SRP) versus Baer dovetail front sight (TRS) {is there a difference}
4)2.5" w/Golden Sabre/Hydra-Shoks (SRP)versus 3" (TRP)
5)different looking triggers
6)No box witht the TRP

Unless the "tactical action job" on the SRP is greatly superior over the 4 pound trigger on the TRS then I see no reason to buy the SRP unless I want a pretty box to put it in.

I have talked to persons on the internet getting better then 2.5 inches with Hydra-shoks from their TRP from a Ransom Rest.

Can anyone tell me if I have missed anything important about this comparison of these two fine pistols?

Does anyone disagree? I really want to know, am I missing something here?

For the money I save I could have the gun refinished by Robar or Bear Coat and still come out ahead of the SRP.

Any comments?

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Once you get the TRS, jrd1911, don't change a thing. Keep it as stock as you can. It's beautiful just the way it is. Part of the "thing" of joining the TRS club. Not even a shock buffer.....

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