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Single Action Army from Colt's Custom Shop

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I was in a local gun store the other day and spied this beauty:

It left Hartford some 40 years ago.

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Beautiful gun, so correct me if I am wrong. But forty years ago roughly coincides with the introduction of the third generation guns. Is this correct inasmuch as this is a third generation gun, or am I wrong in this assumption?
Yes, sir, you are correct.

It reminds me of the cap guns I had as a little kid. They were always chrome plated and completely covered in floral engraving. When my dad finally showed me his real SAA I couldn't understand why it wasn't flashy like my cap guns were.
I've often wondered if my Fanner 50s were consecutively numbered. I should never have parted with them!

What a stunning looker for sure! I bet it cost a pretty penny to boot! I have my Colt SAA's from 1905 up to 2019 but none of them have any engraving. I do have a custom engraved Uberti because it was quicker to get done in a year of ordering. Whereas Colt quoted me over 2-3 years in waiting for their custom shop work.

Again, what a beautiful SAA.
Try Nutmeg Sports.
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