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Single Stack 1911

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I'm thinking about having a single stack 1911 built with an Optima sight and a compensator. Is there any competitions besides Open class where this configuration would be legal to use? I've been told that a single stack 1911 would not be competitive in Open class if I decide to start shooting competition with it. Would it be better to build on a hi-cap frame if I'm going to put optics and a compensator on it or is there any competitive purpose to have a single stack 1911 with optics and a comp. Thanks.
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Steel challenge open guns are mostly single stacks.
A single stack Open gun is a very limited-use blaster. Yes, as a Steel gun it would be fine. In USPSA you'd be up against guys with 25-28 rounds in a mag.

Build on a hi-cap if you can score/buy the mags. Otherwise shoot a single stack as a stock gun.
It would make a very cool gun..but as the others said..to compete in IPSC open you'll want the hicap frame and mags...the things hold 27-28 rounds...you can shoot whole matches without reloading in a course of fire..

It will cost you as much or more to build a cool single stack as a hicap..so you'll see no savings in $ spent having someone build it for you...On the used market..you may see an open-class single stack gun for $700 to $1000. Used hicap guns for $1200 to $1700.

Mags you can find on the USPSA classifieds or sometimes you see them on the auction sites..
Thanks a lot guys for your replys. See, the thing is I already have 3 1911's. I have a Springfield Loaded model that's basically stock. I picked up a Colt Stainless 80's series a while back and sent it to Wilson and had every part replaced except for the slide and frame. Right now it's out to have the front strap checkered and a magwell blended to the frame. I just recently picked up a Wilson two tone Protector also since I got a good deal on it. I'm going to have a magwell blended to it also and new adjustable sights installed on it... so it'll almost be basically the same gun as the Colt, but it'll say Wilson on the slide and frame instead. I've always wanted a Rock River 1911 since I have a couple of their AR's and have been very happy with them and their products. I put an order in for a Limited Match a month ago and it's a year off. If I left it as it, it would be a 3rd 1911 that's basically set up the same as the Colt and Wilson... checkred front strap, magwell, sights, etc. I was thinking about adding a compensator and an optima to it to make it different from the others. I know in about a year, I'll probably end up getting a full race gun built from a SVI/STI or a Paraordnance frame. Do you think it's better to leave the Rock River as just in a configuration suitable for Limited matches?... or put a comp. and optics on it to have something different? What exactly is a steel gun??? I haven't shot any competition yet and would like to get into it when I start having some free time. Also, why do most people have the scopes mounted to the frames and have huge scopes on their open guns? Is there something wrong wtih the Optimas??? Thanks so far for your replys?
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The problem with Optimas is they're basicly crappy dots. Most of the dot scope problems I've seen have been with Optimas. I watched one go down three days in a row at a shooting clinic. Add to that it's easier to track the dot movement on the more stable and bigger screens of C-mores and Holosights, you've got the main reasons Optimas have very little favor in IPSC.
The Optimas don't have a great track record of durability yet...also the dot isn't as crisp as others and the lens is plastic.
The other dots, c-more, gilmore, aimpoint have been at it for several years now and have a proven record of winning...If you see a optima win at nationals..you may then see more of them being used then,
You did not say what caliber of open gun you wanted to build. I agree that the open gun will be best built on a double stack frame. I shoot a 40 caliber open gun with several different loads for different types of competition, this is why I developed the All-Sport Forty racegun thats on my web site. I have three loads I use in this gun all using a 135 gr JHP bullet. My pin load moves this bullet at 1560fps for a 210 power factor. My IPSC load moves this bullet at 1330 fps for a 179 power factor. My steel load moves this bullet at 1100fps for a 148 power factor. So you can see you can play all of these gun games with just one gun.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com

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