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Sistema Colts

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I've got a thing for Argentine weapons and have been in the hunt for a 1927 Sistema Colt for some time. Finally last week an auction opportunity for several Argentine weapons came up and I grabbed it. I got two Sistema Colts and two 1909 Argentine Mausers.

Here are the Sistemas (Not great pictures, but I'll post better when they arrive). Both supposed to have matching numbers



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Thanks, guys! I wondered about the finish on these...original or not.

Any idea on what these are valued at these days?
I would say that the all original gun should bring some decent money. Assuming that all of the parts match. I bought a clean one a few years ago with all matching parts except the magazine and I paid eight bills for it. And considering the prices that these are bringing today. I feel pretty good about that. The second gun, hard to say.
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