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Sistma mags

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I have only tried the one that came with mine, which works great, and the two argentena mags from CDNN I already complained about enough. Today I got two that are supposed to be mill issue, new in package. On the bottom is stamped 19200 next line ASSY 5508694, next line MFR. 1M292. I opened one and tried it, just like the CDNN cheapos it had to be pried out. Could it be the gun? I am sure I can fit it by filing on the mag catch slot. This mag looks identicle to the one that came with the gun except that one only says Colt, next line .45 AUTO. TIA.
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I bought 2 parkerized "GI issue" 1911 mags of a CDNN a couple of weeks back. I had to pry them out of my new '91a1. I tried the mag catch trick to no avail. I gave up on bargain priced mags, and went with metalforms.

Just a thought - I recouped some of my loss by selling all my bad mags to a guy at the range for $2 apiece, along with a warning that they didn't work in my pistol.
Sounds like the same thing. CDNN should be put out of business. How do you get mags that work as good as the one that came in my gun? That thing is almost dangerous it pops out so fast when I push the button, and it seats with a slight push rather than a hard wack.
Update on my park mags. I filed a very slight amount off the top of the mag latch notch and gave them a way job with Turtle wax. Now they jump out like they should.
Nothing personal, but I was hoping I would eventually see a post like this. I also got my Systema from CDNN (I suspect it may have originally come from JLD Enterprises, since the owner's manual that came with it was done my JLD), but the mag has never worked right. It was easy to see that the follower is different than either GI or Colt issue...the top is not flat, and the slide stop actuating tab is too high.

When I first used the gun, the mag caused two stoppages, then jammed in the gun. A little poking and prodding, and I found that the follower was the culprit. I have since set it aside until I can get a better follower, and have used my old GI issue mags instead. Problem solved.

In case you're interested, I got my GI mags from J&G Sales in Arizona. He has a large ad in each issue of the Shotgun News, and has a website at:

Prices for the mags are comparable (sp?) with CTD for a similar product.

This is my first experience with CDNN, and, if this is how they do business, then, "...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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I just filed a little bit off the one remaining park mag that I have and i'll be damned if that thing ain't jumping out of my Colt now. Now if I can only find that dude that I sold the rest to for a song.....
imokie (and everyone)

I have experienced the same situations that you are discussing. From looking at my Argentine pistol, it appears to have been refinished at least once, and maybe twice, so it is very tempermental about magazines. I have several high grade magazines (Colt, Ed Brown, Metalform, Chip McCormick) that will not fit in the mag well and others from the same manufacturers that will. So I think this is an issue of tollerance stack in the magazines and how many refinishing layers are inside your pistol. Trial and error in finding mags that will fit is one option and another is trying to wear the finish down in the magazine well.

In addition, I have posted some information on GI Issue magazines that may fit with this thread. The post is part of "What Can I Expect From GI Issue Magazines". You may find it interesting.

I hope this helps.
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