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Just how quickly does the slide on a standard full-size 1911 cycle completely when fired? I vaguely recall hearing about it being in the sub-100 millisecond range.

The doublings I saw recently were so incredibly fast that the first time it happened we weren't even sure if we were just hearing things. The second time we counted rounds fired and lo-and-behold, it had doubled. If I had to guess, I'd say two rounds fired in the space of < 1/16 of a second. Dang that's fast.

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I had an old strange timer long ago.
we were playing one day
seeing how fast you could get a 1911 to go off.

I mean we were having FUN.

the timer picked up some .07
it was the only timer that would pick anything under .10 up I had the chance to work with.

A fast Double in IPSC land is a .10
.11 and .12 are fast surely but when you start to wonder was that a really really fast double tap or a double, than your having FUN.

I think the gun doubling would be a .05 or .06. watching the video stuff the hammer takes a week to fall. probably differnt times depending on what caused the double too.

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