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Slide question

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Is it possible to fit a 1911 slide on a Series two kimber? Basicaly a slide for a internal extractor on a frame with external extractor?
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Internal Extractor Slide

Yep, (Provided you know how you want it to function when you're done - what mods, like pin safety, etc.) But why?

Why not just buy one with an internal extractor to begin with?

Depending on how much you have in the gun, swapping slides may be much trouble. Fitting and function of all parts (barrel, link, bushing, safety related firing pin pieces....) can be critical if you want it to work right <and shoot straight> when your done, not to mention slide to frame fit.

Any number of smiths could do it, I figure Kimber would probably do it too, for a price that would likely go a long way toward another nice gun.

Besides, Kimber has improved the external a great deal over the past two years.

Appologies in advance if your external failed you at a bad time. In that case just a "yep" would've done. :dope:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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