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Slide Release Trouble

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This gun performs flawlessly with my normal load of a cast 230 g RN and 700x @ 820 fps.

I tried a new load and the slide release lever is working its way out of the gun. Sometimes it will come all the way out after firing this load.

6.4 g of Unique
Starline brass
230 g Fed. Hydra-shock
1.210 O.A.L.
850 fps through the crony.

The slide release lever came out repeatedly. I also had some feeding troubles. Bullets would hang before feeding, on the feed ramp. I then tried the normal RN load again, no prob.

The gun is a Colt 1911 MFG in 1918. I don't think the feed ramp has ever been modified so I can understand the HP's giving it feeding troubles.

Question # 1

Why is the slide release lever coming out?

Question #2

To solve the feeding trouble should I go shorter or longer on the O.A.L.?

Help me out guys. I wanna shoot some HP's !
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Couple possibilities.
1) The nose of the rounds may be bumping the stop out, although I think some other things would have to be out of spec for that to happen.
2) The slide stop is bent. Check to insure that the angle between the cross pin and the lever is at 90 degrees. Some times these get bent (or come that way) and the warmer load may be aiding it in its escape attempt. If not original, the stop may have several problems such as the above mentioned as well as a radius at the juncture of the pin and lever which might not let it sit flush with the side of the frame.
Start looking there for your problems and I'm sure you can diagnose it whether it's one of the things I mentioned or something else.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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