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Slide Stuck

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I replaced the 2 piece guide rod that came with my Springfield TRP with an ED Brown mil-spec one from Brownells. The gun went together OK but now the slide doesn't come off the frame when I try to take it apart. Any ideas? Thanks.
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I've got the opposite happening. I can get mine apart, but when I put it back together before I can get the slide stop back in upon occasion my slide will bind something awful. Twice I've had to resort to a rubber mallot to break the thing free. After inspection there doesn't seem to be any damage and once the slide stop is back in and the gun together, it cycles smoothly without a hint of binding.

After the first 250 or so rounds the gun has been rock solid no FTF's, but it still binds when being reassembled.
I just got it apart by using a rubber mallot as well. The inside of the dust cover was badly scraped. I compared the end of the new ED Brown guide rod with my stock TRP guide rod and the new Brown is significantly larger. It won't fit in my other 1911 either. Either the guide rod was too wide or I have 2 very tight 1911s. Thanks for the advice on using a rubber mallot.
No problem,,,,I had an Auto-Ordanance in my younger and dumber days and had to get even more violent with it to get it open once.

I'm yet to figure mine out and why it only happen upon reassembly,,,,,I think I'll check my guide rod as well,,,,I hadn't given and though to it being the culprit....but heck I'm not a gunsmith either.
If the guide rod was the cause of the scraping, you would see similar score marks on the part of the rod that contacted the frame.

If the guide rod is truly mil spec, then one thing that could cause this problem is if the rod either wasn't assembled into the slide correctly, with the curved part against the bottom of the barrel, or it somehow rotated during the shooting cycle.

Your comment about the Brown rod suggests to me that that is the problem, and that it is either at the maximum tolerance limit for mil spec, or it isn't really mil spec. Either way, you might try to get a mil surplus rod, and see what happens.

H4444, if the slide is binding, then there will be some scoring of metal somewhere. In your case it will be subtle and hard to find, but if you persevere, you will find it. That done, you can then diagnose and fix the problem.

Good luck, guys.
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